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Saturday May 2, 2020
Message from the President

Hey everyone..... I know this has been some trying times and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I just wanted to let everyone know that finally I have some, somewhat, good news for all of us players anxious to get back on the courts, none more than yours truly.

Today some tennis courts were opened up, and a couple of the golf courses, yet our courts were still on the list to stay closed. After pleading our case to the County and Parks Department they agreed to allow us to use some of the courts for play. If and when you go out there you will see some courts have a net up and some don’t. Obviously, the ones with a net up will be the ones you can play on. This, of course, is temporary and soon all courts will be open for play. I know it’s not the most desirable situation, but at least it’s something. The Park Rangers will be monitoring our courts periodically so keep that in mind.

I’ve been working out there a number of days a week since this started, and I think the courts are looking great. They’re clean, all the windscreens are up and secured and I’ve started working on weed control around the exterior of the courts. Resurfacing of courts 5 & 6 will begin on Monday.

A couple of items to be aware of, the bathrooms are to remain locked, so go before you go, and the water fountains are not working yet, so bring some water with you. And,of course, practice all the safe protocols that everyone has been preaching all along.
It’s not everything we all hoped for, but it’s something. See you out there and be safe!

President, Reno Tennis Club


Saturday April 4, 2020
Message from the Board of Directors

Hi to all....... We have been notified by the Regional Parks and Open Space Manager that the closure of the county facilities has been extended until at least April 30th. Please follow the CDC guidelines to help keep everyone safe.
RTC Board of Directors

Thursday March 19, 2020

Courts are closed by order of Washoe County due to COVID-19.

Message from President

Resurfacing of Courts 3 and 4 in 2018!

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Resurfacing of Courts 5 and 6 in 2017!

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