Message from the President – Goals & Accomplishments 2017

As some of you may know our fiscal year at Reno Tennis Club runs from March 1st through the end of February. The time is here for us to start encouraging everyone to get their 2018 Reno Tennis Club dues in.

Without your dues we would not be able to improve and maintain our facilities; the nicest place to play tennis in Reno. We’re additionally taking this opportunity to thank you for your past support!

2017 accomplishments:
We resurfaced Courts 5 and 6 as well as the pad at the hitting wall. (If you get a chance take a look at our hitting wall. It is by far the nicest one in Reno.) We purchased and installed a couple of new backdrops. If you are an avid tennis player you know how important it is to have that contrast to see the ball better. Research says that blue works best with the yellow tennis ball, so that is what we have. We replaced all the nets and straps, something we had to hold off on until our budget allowed for it. We purchased a couple of new benches for Court 2 to replace broken ones and bought 3 new garbage receptacles for Courts 2, 4 and 6. All of which came from your paid dues.  There are always the general expenses for upkeep that have to be considered: gas, repairs for the blowers and lawnmower, garbage bags for the receptacles, insurance, etc.

All of the above listed are paid directly from your dues and contributions. Remember we get no assistance for any of these expenses from the county. The county's contribution this past year was an asphalt overlay of the walkways around the courts which really dressed up the place and made it a bit safer by fixing all the holes. They also empty the many garbage cans and clean the bathrooms twice a week.

If everyone were to play at four or five other facilities and courts in the area, it might make players realize and appreciate what we have at Reno Tennis Club/Washoe Courts. Whether it is the great surface, the nets, backdrops, the speed at which the courts are made playable after rain/snow storms, or just the fact that all the courts are cleaned three to five times a week (by a volunteer), it is simply a great place to play and to bring out the best in your game.

I hope you choose to join again this year and support "your" club. Remember that your dues are tax deductible (See the application.) We have many, many nonmembers playing at Washoe who are enjoying the benefits of your dues.

We will have fewer USTA teams this year due in part to the age of many of our players. All USTA players are required to be members, therefore, we will lose some dues with fewer teams. We need to encourage everyone to help keep our courts as they are … the best in Reno. It would be nice also to "thank an uncompensated volunteer" for the work they unselfishly do at Reno Tennis Club.

We’re really hoping that you all support our/your club by paying your very reasonable dues so that we can accomplish our objectives and maintain our wonderful tennis facility.

One last item that I don’t want to forget…we have refurbished the website and added a pretty cool item to it. When the first person gets to the court on “weathery” days, that person can take a picture and send it to our website guy who uploads it to the website. For those of you sitting around in your jammies and want to know what the court conditions are, just visit the website and check out Court Conditions. It’s pretty cool and everyone can help by just snapping a shot on your smart phone and sending it to 775.848.3824.

Ray Woolley
Reno Tennis Club

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