Message from the President – First Quarter 2020

A message from the President:

A Message from the President I’m writing this on March 22nd, in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic. As most of you know our courts have been shut down until mid-April, but hopefully not beyond. This crisis will pass, hopefully soon, and we’ll get back to our normal lives playing tennis at our unique, awesome tennis facility. I usually write this letter highlighting our accomplishments from the prior year and our direction for the new year to encourage you to support the club by sending in your dues. I’m sure by now everyone has seen our fabulous deck with the beautiful Pergola. Like the hitting wall, if not for some generous donations and your dues, we’d still have that ratty, old, sliver-ridden deck to sit on with no overhead cover.

Most of us just show up and play with little thought of the expense needed to maintain the beautiful Reno Tennis Club courts. When you play elsewhere you may discover that your tennis balls turn a dingy brown color, but not when you play at RTC - our courts are cleaned on almost a daily basis. How easy it is to see the ball with the full, top to bottom, blue backdrops as compared to looking out to the horizon and trying to focus on that quick yellow ball.

Our serene setting inside the golf course comes at no cost. However, there are other expenses required to make our facility what it is. Your dues are essential to fund these expenses. I won’t list them all, but just take a minute to look around and enjoy all you receive for such a nominal membership fee.

This coming year will be no exception with the improvements planned. Courts 5 & 6 will be resurfaced. The Board of Directors approved the purchase of a Cabana Bench Awning to be placed in between the two courts after resurfacing. Our plan is to purchase one of these benches each year for the two courts that are scheduled to be resurfaced until all pairs of courts have one. Some of the backdrops are in need of replacing and nets will be replaced as needed. The court 6 net is in poor condition, but we elected to wait to replace it when the court is resurfaced. There are several smaller projects in the works that will spruce up the club and keep it Reno’s premier tennis facility.

Even though we’re currently unable to play at RTC, this isn’t going to last forever. So please support your club by mailing in your dues so that we can continue the work to keep the Reno Tennis Club great!

Ray Woolley
Reno Tennis Club

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