Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Reno Tennis Club or Reno Tennis Center?

It is Reno Tennis Club. We use the county courts at the Washoe Tennis Center on W. Moana Lane. Reno Tennis Center uses the city courts on Plumas Street. Confusing… yes

Do you have to be a member to use the courts?

No, the Washoe Tennis Center courts and the Plumas courts are for public use.

What are the benefits for members?

Reno Tennis Club is nonprofit. The membership dues are used to maintain the courts and the facility and fund a portion of the club socials. If a player plans on playing frequently at the courts, becoming a member is a good idea and the rates are reasonable. A member receives a membership roster, RTC newsletter and announcements of socials and an occasional USTA tournament. A player must be an RTC member to play on a club USTA team. We have had several teams go to USTA Districts, Sectionals, and Nationals. Most importantly, a member can take pride in knowing that their membership dues are helping make the Washoe tennis courts the best public courts in Reno.

Are there court rules?

Yes. When there are players waiting, court time is limited to one (1) hour of play, regardless of singles or doubles. There is a sign-up board where the player puts their name on the “Waiting List”. When a court becomes available the name is removed from the “Waiting List” and is written in the appropriate court box along with the current time. USTA matches and socials can reserve courts, but must be scheduled in advance. Any other reservation must be brought before the club board for consideration.

Is there a per use fee if you are visiting from out of town?

No, the courts are free to use.

Do the courts have a drop-in policy?

Tennis games are easily “picked up” by players showing up and meeting other players who frequent the courts. These are the only courts in Reno where a player can find a “pick up” game.

Does the facility have restrooms, places to sit, picnic areas?

Yes, there are county maintained men’s and women’s restrooms with showers, benches on the courts, a covered picnic/BBQ area, and a viewing deck next to court 1.

Are the courts playable in the winter?

Yes, depending upon conditions. The facility has 6 outdoor courts that are well maintained by the members. Dedicated members clear the courts of any snow, water, and debris so that the courts are ready to play.

Do the courts have lights?


Is there a ball machine?


Do you have a pro? Are there lessons?

Yes, limited.

Can the courts be used with a private instructor?

No, RTC has a Board approved tennis instructor. All other tennis instructors are prohibited from teaching at RTC/Washoe courts.

Can I use the courts to teach my children how to play?


Can I reserve courts?

See ‘court rules’ above.

Are there men’s or women’s in-club leagues or ladders?

Not yet

What if I do not find the answer to my question(s)?

Please Contact Us . We will get back to you ASAP with the answer to your question.

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