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The Washoe tennis courts are located off Moana Lane in southwest Reno. There are six well-maintained public courts including restroom facilities nestled behind the Washoe Public golf course. Reno Tennis Club, founded in 1923 in partnership with Washoe County, holds events and activities out of the Washoe courts. The club also is responsible for much of the maintenance of the courts, and most of the membership dues go for the upkeep of these courts.Message from President highlight all the ongoing efforts at the club. This partnership with the County has been a good relationship for both parties – the courts are very active with USTA events, RTC events and regular play. The club has taken seriously their part in the maintenance of the courts, and Washoe by far has the best courts in town. Tennis games are easily “picked up” by players just by showing up and getting a game with others who “hang out” at the courts. This is the only place in Reno that you can just go and get a game without knowing anyone!! Washoe can boast of friendly people, super tennis and six awesome tennis courts!!


The Reno Tennis Club (RTC) is a non-profit organization started for the purpose of promoting the sport of tennis on public tennis courts. The Mission Statement of the RTC is dedicated to the USTA’s mission “to promote and develop the growth of tennis.” The club has an extensive history as it was formally organized in 1928, with their headquarters at the Wingfield Park public courts in downtown Reno. Today, RTC’s home is the Washoe County Courts facility, located at 2335 West Moana Lane. Under a Memorandum of Agreement, the RTC as “Partners with the Washoe County Parks & Recreation Department” share in the responsibility for maintenance and improvements for the Washoe County six tennis courts in return for special consideration from the county in that RTC may schedule and sponsor events and activities. It has truly been a favorable partnership for both Washoe County and the Reno Tennis Club.

The RTC organizes fun tournaments and social mixers throughout the year. RTC is the home for many USTA leagues in the adult, mixed doubles, fifty’s mixed doubles, senior and combo. They have twice had 4.0 USTA Adult Women League teams qualify for Nationals and in 2003 won the 4.0 women’s USTA National event and the 2005 6.5 Women’s Combo team won the State Cup Challenger in which Northern and Southern California have their combo leagues championships. In 2004 and 2006, RTC was recognized as the USTA Norcal Organization of the Year. RTC is the largest public tennis court club in the Tahoe/Reno area and members are not only in the Reno area but come from the Tahoe (California & Nevada) areas, Carson City, Minden and Gardnerville areas. The Board is made up of all volunteers (15) and each Board member volunteers their time for various events and meets every month to better serve the members with any issues that may arise. The Board of Directors works with the Washoe County Parks & Recreation in addressing maintenance issues regarding the Washoe Tennis Courts and facilities on a monthly basis.

Board of Directors for 2021

  • Ron Cauley
  • Vickie Creelman
  • Pat Ghezzi
  • Gary Hammersmith
  • Lou Kemper, Treasurer
  • Jim Kumpel
  • Paul Lorring
  • Holly Tappan, Secretary
  • Carol Tretten
  • Nick Tsoulfanidis, Vice President
  • Chad Twedt
  • James Williams
  • Ray Woolley, President
  • Jeremy Wright

Past Board Members

  • Jack Claar
  • Peggy Cole
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Dave Kette
  • Albert Lewis
  • Pete Mastin
  • Bibi Milicevic
  • Jan Minz
  • Chris Morgan
  • Sandra Rolfe
  • Janet Roll
  • Susan Ruch
  • Steve Stillar
  • Frank Turek
  • Carol Zwick

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