The Washoe  tennis courts are located off Moana Lane in southwest Reno.  There are six well-maintained public courts including restroom facilities nestled behind the Washoe Public golf course.  Reno Tennis Club, founded in 1923 in partnership with Washoe County, holds events and activities out of the Washoe courts.  The club also is responsible for much of the maintenance of the courts, and most of the membership dues go for the upkeep of these courts.  This partnership with the County has been a good relationship for both parties - the courts are very active with USTA events, RTC events and regular play.  The club has taken seriously their part in the maintenance of the courts, and Washoe by far has the best courts in town. Tennis games are easily "picked up" by players just by showing up and getting a game with others who "hang out" at the courts.  This is the only place in Reno that you can just go and get a game without knowing anyone!!  Weekends include a "challenge court" in which you grab a partner and without much of a wait, if any, you can be on the court playing a challenge match.  This is another way to meet new players. Washoe can boast of friendly people, super tennis and six awesome tennis courts!!